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An innovative Approach for
pre-school system

The time is so high to make a total shift from the present system of education, because it does not fulfill the need of the child. In the existing system a child is only an object. So a radical change is essential in the pattern of the existing education system

The fulcrum of the new system, who learns most of the things from nature. The role of the teacher is secondary but important in guide lining a student realising the child's potential. The main orientation of the new system is how to promote and how to guideline a child in the path of learning

Thibyan intends to provide a lot of space for the child to explore. We aim to have a fusion of rational and scientific with spiritual and aesthetic. Thibyan contain both academic and Islamic studies for 3 years (PRE KG TO UKG) from age level 3 to 6. with pleasure we inform that we are be able to support these children in the following and to mould them as self-leaners and a self-sufficient in learning by allowing them to have a meaning full education.


To create the total psycho-social academic and physiologically developed children who accept learning as a pleasurable phenomenon. We focus attentions on positive aspects of the children’s behaviour to build healthy self-esteem.


To spread this curriculum in the academic area for the age group 3-6 years to make them as an effective individual and help them to accept learning as a pleasurable phenomena

Behind the curriculum

The successful Madrasa movement in Kerala headed by the far sighted religious scholars with social commitments, have attracted the Muslim community all over India. And the madrasas are being established gradually under the educational board in almost all Mahalls in India with a view of bringing the younger generation in the right path of Islam and keeping them away from deviations and other immoral activities and to make them resistant against all innovations inside Islam itself. The Islamic Educational Board started its office in 1991 of Darya Ganj in the capital City of India and its branch office is in Kozhikode, Samastha Centre its zonal offices are functioning in major cities of India. Now there are several madrasas and other well planned religious, socio cultural institutions function all over India and abroad. They are working very systematically and scientifically under this board. The madrasas in the country managed by the board are also is fully in agreement with all the rules and regulations of the secular India.

The board takes sole responsibility for the compilation and publication of the books in different subjects for various courses and standards in prominent languages and vernaculars. The central board also executed an examination wing, consisting of expert scholars, to execute control the whole examination systems. It takes the whole responsibility in conducting the examinations with specific terms and conditions, with precise time schedules. The board also planned for making available expert and piety teachers for serving the madrasas by imparting the proper training and coaching. The recognition of the board is sought not only from India alone but also from other countries where the Indian community are living such as UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, Sri- Lanka and even South Africa.

Features of Thibyan Pre School

  • Children between three and three half are admitted

  • Child-friendly smart classrooms.

  • Activity Lab.

  • Three-year course (TLC, TMC, TUC)

  • Practising everyday dikrs, dua and other prayers.

  • Thajvid-based Qur'an recitation training.

  • Learning particular suraths by heart.

  • Imparting basic knowledge on science, maths, G K etc.

  • Making children qualify to pursue higher study such as Kerala, CBSE, ICSE syllabus.

  • Making children qualify to pursue higher study such as Kerala, CBSE, ICSE syllabus.

  • Specially trained women teachers.

  • Modern and Islamic psychological approach.

  • The curriculum that makes children's physical, mental, emotional and intellectual development .

  • Pleasure-filled learning methodology.

  • Eco walk., kidkite xpo , Fiesta, Moms meets, Continuous Assessment, Affordable fee structure, Transportation facility