An innovative Approach for
pre-school system

The time is so high to make a total shift from the present system of education, because it does not fulfill the need of the child. In the existing system a child is only an object. So a radical change is essential in the pattern of the existing education system

The fulcrum of the new system, who learns most of the things from nature. The role of the teacher is secondary but important in guide lining a student realising the child's potential. The main orientation of the new system is how to promote and how to guideline a child in the path of learning

Thibyan intends to provide a lot of space for the child to explore. We aim to have a fusion of rational and scientific with spiritual and aesthetic. Thibyan contain both academic and Islamic studies for 3 years (PRE KG TO UKG) from age level 3 to 6. with pleasure we inform that we are be able to support these children in the following and to mould them as self-leaners and a self-sufficient in learning by allowing them to have a meaning full education.